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Field of expertise

‘Career Orientation and Guidance’ and ‘Dual Career Orientation and Guidance in (elite) Sports’


What I am

I am a registered behavioural analyst and - counsellor in HRM specialised in psychometrics and diagnostic testing. I have a bachelors degree in social sciences and 30 years of experience in the field.


What I do

I profile and coach (young) adults who struggle with career dilemma's. Think of motivational-, leadership - , transition, developmental and or 'stuck in a loop' issues. I profile, teach, coach, train and guide pupils, students, (dual career) athletes and work with their parents, coaches and trainers. I provide guidance packages for different groups, young and adult, that are centred around a biometrical (physical) testing protocol. I give guidance in teams, classes, groups, workshops or in individual one-on-one learning courses and training sessions. 


What I did

I worked for HR consultancy companies, worked with different age group on all levels, worked for almost every school in the Provence, worked for several sport clubs and worked for myself. I was involved in (EU)regional en governmental projects.


Where am I active and who do I work for?

I work part time as a (dual)career counsellor and a talent coach for a topsporttalentschool. Next to this job I guide individual clients above the age of 15 as a freelancer and social entrepeneur. I can also be hired to do profiling and coaching jobs for HR - and outplacement companies. I can work for schools (secondary- higher education) doing interim jobs or projects. I can work for clubs, sportunions or companies. Furthermore I share knowledge in different (International) sport- and educational communities.


What do I use?

I use physical- / motor profiles and aptitude-, personality tests, questionnaires, type Indicators, selfdirected searches and interview techniques to construct detailed personal profiles. Most of the material used in courses and in career guidance is presented in English. So the preferred language in guidance is either Dutch or English. 


The online questionaires and type reports I use are available in these languages: Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Lithuanian, Finnish, Latvian, Georgian, Estonian, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Mandarin


Where do we focus on?

We focus on career steps; matching studies and future possibilities. But more on becoming confident in understanding and using your learning strategy, leadership style, abilities, aptitudes, competences, motivational drivers and more.


What is the profit?

It will make you better, stronger, more confident, assertive and passionate. It will boost your selfregulation skills and get you to your next level.


What do athletes in top- and elite sports ask of me?

To provide them with a valid and practical MOTOR! – and Type profile. It makes athletes more aware of how to use their potential and skills and it will improve communication between athlete and trainer/coach. And they ask for guidance when finding themselves struggling in 'dual career situations' or in a ‘life after sports’ orientation phase.

Experience elite sports
Professional Football (Netherlands, Germany), Professional Handball (International), National Teams Handball, Topsporttalentschool (guidance of 250 young talented athletes). UEFA TC3 (youth) License Football


What groups in my opinion are in serious need of respectful attention?

Innovators, artists (PopSport), refugees, school dropouts, holistic thinkers, unhappy seekers, planet saviours, free minders, people that ‘understand and get it’ but are ignored.

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